Fast Fashion

Every now and then on this blog I may talk about a product I first saw on a TV show set, because I notice those things instead of, say, listening to dialogue and noticing the plot. That’s something I do from time to time when watching The CW’s The Flash based on the DC comic. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun show (way better than its sister show Arrow, which, well don’t get me started and I'm not even going to link it), but occasionally it’s easy to get distracted.

It happened recently when I noticed a wall treatment on the set based in a lab where the superhero team meets. At first I thought it looked like an Apple store, which, okay, is a look that makes sense in a tech-based atmosphere. But then I realized, holy moly those 3D wall panels are printed with braille! What a cool idea!

The cast of The Flash, and some really cool braille wall panels.

After seeing the seeing a post on Instagram using the wall panels as a headboard I needed to know more about the product. Turns out it comes from a company called Inhabit, and it sellssurfaces in a number of shapes: panels, planks (for that rustic “shiplap” look), and tile. What’s great about the wall panels is that they are paintable but the white is pretty impressive.

I’ve checked and though the original tiles do not actually spell anything, if you purchase a minimum of 10,000 tiles they can customize them to include a personal message. Imagine how amazing that could be for branding purposes in a hotel, restaurant, or retail space!

I’m probably getting a bit off track with this but it’s my blog, so I can do that. So to the effect of what I was saying about, branding is one of the reasons an interior designer is key for your business. They work as part of your marketing team in order to make sure your customers get exactly the impression you want your customers to experience, which it goes without saying can be invaluable since first impressions happen in a flash. (I am the queen of puns!)

Until next time!

xo, dk

Title inspiration: My favorite band is Depeche Mode -- can't help it. The name translated from French means "Fast Fashion".