Vacation Decoration

This holiday season, I'm trying something a little new and different. I'll be out of the country with my husband on Christmas Day. And as a lover of sunshine, I cannot say more emphatically how excited I am to be heading to Punta Cana for a week.

*Pause for bad singing and even worse shimmying to "Holiday" by Madonna or "Vacation" by The Go Go's. Your choice.*

I love to travel, and not just for the obvious reasons. In addition to sun/sand/surf and the all-inclusiveness that immediately comes to mind with such daydreams (which are indeed fantastic), I find some of my best design inspiration by leaving my neck of the woods and exploring new domestic and international locales.

Here are some of my own (slightly blurry) pics from past vacations and some of the decorating tips I've gleaned from them:

How to make a bathroom look more expensive: apply tile all the way to the ceiling, in a rich color and unexpected pattern. Also, yellow accents go a long way towards making a room more cheerful.

Sometimes all the drama you need in a room can come from a stunning chandelier.

Art can be made out of anything. This is actually a piece of fabric that's been matted, framed, and placed on the wall of a high-end hotel.

Seriously, anything. Even your broken stuff.

If you keep your furniture and fixed elements neutral, your art and accessories will really pop (and you can change them when you get bored).

Happy Holidays to all of you! There will not be a new blog entry next week while I'm away, but I hope to have lots of new ideas and tips to share with you upon my return!

xo, dk