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Me with the lady you find first when you Google my name.

Me with the lady you find first when you Google my name.

Welcome everyone to The Delightful Diary, the official blog of Diana Kennedy Interiors. This is a blog that will deal primarily with interior design: tips, updates, and stories. That after all is my passion and my life’s work. There’s nothing more fun than to introduce the latest color trend, sparkly chandelier find, or fabric that your cat can’t destroy (that would be mohair).

But as no one ever has one interest, you may find hints of my other love in these entries. Not my husband Ryan or my dog J.J., though I do love them immensely (Kisses to you both!). I’m talking about pop culture, the pink wedge in the Trivial Pursuit pie. So the conversation might occasionally turn to “Jane the Virgin” or the aesthetics of an 80s new wave video, because I like to amuse myself every once in a while. I hope you will indulge me.

Thank you for stopping by and peeking into my private thoughts. Kidding. This diary is for all lovers of art and design, and I look forward to your participation.

XO, dk